Let's talk about long coats during cold winter months...

Anyone that knows me, or has been following me for a while on social media knows how much I love long coats! Honestly they're to die for! 

Someone once emailed me and asked how and what they could wear with their long coat, I remember her writing that she had bought one over a year ago but decided not to wear it because she simply did not know what to wear with it. Let me tell you that there PLENTY ways of styling long coats, if anything I find them more useful to me than my other coats. You could wear them with jeans, leggings (if you're having a lazy day) You could also even wear them with trainers (sneakers for my american readers) and even flats!  But I do prefer wearing my heels with them.

Below are a few outfit pictures from different occasions and I hope you can maybe gain some inspirations from them. 

It's all good and well, showing you pictures of me, but I thought let me go that step further...

I've done a little bit of research to try and find long coats in case you were ever looking for one.


  1. This gorgeous coat is from H&M click here


2. Another beaut from H&M click here

This beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL coat is one I would like to take home for sure click here