Let's talk about Wraps..

Hi all! Hope you're well! 

So we the colder days upon us (well not that cold due to global warming)  But what I mean is we get to wear Auttumy stuff (is that even a word) 

Well anyway.. 

Other than looking forward to wearing long coats but next favourite items are the wraps! Them oversized wraps that hide everything and that you can pair up with some lovely heels/boots or even flats!  Wraps do remind me of my late grandmother - she honestly used to LOVE them! And to be quite honest 2 of my favourite wraps used to belong to my mother. 

Below you can find previous OOTD pictures that would give you an idea on how to style your wraps, and I have also included a (kind of wrap) that my grandmother bought in Italy in '82 and let me tell you, the condition that it in now you would think that she bought it last year! (i know i know I keep telling you guys the same story!) 

I have also taken the liberty to list a few wraps that you can shop online, just incase you don't know where to look for them! 

I know should blog more, but this thing called life tends to gets in the way.

My next blog will be about my skin routine and which products I use!

Speak to you soon.. 

S xx



Now where you can SHOP!  click on image and it will take you to the website!

1. Stripe Over Scarf - ASOS

2. Multi checker Board Blanket - Dorothy Perkins

3. Waterfall Blanket Cardigan - French Connection