Sugar scarf London!

So excited to announce that I will be working with sugarscarf London. The reason why I'm so looking forward to working with this brand is because it stands for everything I believe in! Sugarscarf London narrows down the divide in Muslim and Western cultures, as they're scarves are designed for everyone, yes everyone!  I absolutely love how it can be worn as a hijab and even around the neck for those that are not Muslims, and how their aim is to bring everyone together for the love of fashion - the quality of these beautiful silk designs are to die for! What I also admire about this particular brand and the reason why I'm so glad to be working with them is the fact that they also are working with charities exclusively aimed to create a better life for a massive number of children in certain regions all over the world who suffer due to a lack of clean and drinkable water. So all in all I'm sure you can tell that I cannot wait to rock their designs!

To browse and purchase these beautiful quality silk scarves please click on the link below!!!