L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask review

Oh hello! 

Fancy seeing me here huh? 

I am so so so so so sorry that I have been neglecting my website lately. 

So many things have been happening recently, good and bad, ups and downs, but alhamdulilah I couldn't be more grateful for all that I have been blessed with. If you follow me on my other social media accounts, you will know that I managed to get myself hitched (yay) i know! but alhamdulilah alhamdulilah! 

Anyway let's talk about the real reason why I am here, oh yeah.. Skin care favourites. 

Guys, OMG!  Can I just tell you about the L'oreal Face masks? 

So basically they consist of 3 masks, i'll list them down below after I've reviewed them (and no they are not paying me for it) I genuinely was so pleased I ended up texting everyone I know to go get it! Usually i'm very sceptical about face masks, because I have super super sensitive skin I usually end up having a rash or break out etc. And everyone knows that lately with the warm weather we have been having over here, my skin has suffered - so I went on the hunt to find a mask that deep cleans my skin, and after hours and hours of researching, reading reviews etc.. I decided to nip down the shop and purchase all 3, and my God! I could just immediately tell the difference, my skin felt so much more softer and looked brighter. I could tell that the mask was really working as soon as I applied. 

What i'll do is explain below on how I applied all 3 masks in one day without it damaging my skin and a link on where to purchase it. Hope it benefits you as much as it did me :) 

So 3 masks - 3 steps - once a week! 


Step 1: Purity Clay Face Mask


Make sure you thoroughly clean your face first.. 

  1. Apply a thin layer of the above mask first and leave it on until it dries.
  2. Wash it very gently but thoroughly
  3. Leave your skin to breath for 3 hours.


Step 2: (My favourite) Detox Charcoal Face Mask

Make sure again, that your face is thoroughly clean. 

  1. Apply it gently on whole face if you have oily skin, or if you do not apply it on the parts of your skin that requires a deep clean the most. 
  2. Let it fully dry (it may be a little awkward to talk so I would strongly advise you not to move your mouth or even try to smile, cause it will hurt like HELL! 
  3. Wash it off gently but thoroughly - also if you want to leave your bathroom clean, I suggest you  wash it off slowly as it can get a bit messy with this mask. 
  4. And breath.. leave your skin to relax for another 3 hours. (hard work right?)


Last but not least..  

Step 3:  Pure Clay Glow Mask

The name says it all ladies, this mask feel leave your skin looking brighter and more healthier with a lovely glow finish. 

  1. Again, make sure you skin is thoroughly clean (you would think it would be be super clean after going through all that ey? LOL! 
  2. Apply all over the face and let it settle - it will dry.
  3. Once it is dry - you need to gently scrub it  all over your face starting from the bottom and working your way up. The main aim for this mask is to get rid of dead skin cells. 

And Voila! There you have it.. 

Let me know your thoughts on it! you can find me on IG or snapchat: Sagaleeya1 or you can contact me on either of my emails (which you can find on the contact me section) 

Hope you are all very very well and living good, until next time...  kisses xxx