Let's talk about Wraps..

Hi all! Hope you're well! 

So we the colder days upon us (well not that cold due to global warming)  But what I mean is we get to wear Auttumy stuff (is that even a word) 

Well anyway.. 

Other than looking forward to wearing long coats but next favourite items are the wraps! Them oversized wraps that hide everything and that you can pair up with some lovely heels/boots or even flats!  Wraps do remind me of my late grandmother - she honestly used to LOVE them! And to be quite honest 2 of my favourite wraps used to belong to my mother. 

Let's talk about Cape Dresses...

For the past few months I have been OBSESSED with cape dresses. I remember the time I got my first cape dressed tailored to my design (you can check it out in my lookbook page) 

The first celebrity I have ever seen it on was Solange on her wedding day and my goodness did she look absolutely amazing! So I thought yep! I'm so doing this. Well that was first eid.. 

Lets talk about the actual reason why i'm blogging today, my  second kind of cape dress. This one has a little story to go with it actually... 

Let's talk about long coats during cold winter months...

Anyone that knows me, or has been following me for a while on social media knows how much I love long coats! Honestly they're to die for! 

Someone once emailed me and asked how and what they could wear with their long coat, I remember her writing that she had bought one over a year ago but decided not to wear it because she simply did not know what to wear with it. Let me tell you that there PLENTY ways of styling long coats, if anything I find them more useful to me than my other coats. You could wear them with jeans, leggings (if you're having a lazy day) You could also even wear them with trainers (sneakers for my american readers) and even flats!  But I do prefer wearing my heels with them.

Below are a few outfit pictures from different occasions and I hope you can maybe gain some inspirations from them. 

winter, lips and DIY

So as winter approaches, i'm sure we all deal with the same problems for our lips! Yes lips! 

I find myself doing the same thing every winter, albeit knowing the answer.

I tend to make my own lipscrub, and store for the whole of winter and use it once every week with a toothbrush in hand YES a tooth brush! LOL 

You don't have to look far for ingredients when making your own lip scrub and i'm sue you have all heard about DIY lip scrub (if not see recipe below)